“Wings in the Night”. After being accepted in July 1930 by Weird Tales, the story was published two years later, in July 1932. Featuring Solomon Kane. 

Kane comes across an entire village wiped out, and all of the roofs have been ripped off, as if by something attempting to get inside from above.

In a letter (#136) to Tevis Clyde Smith, circa July 1930, we learn:

I quote from a letter from Farnsworth: “I am very well pleased with ‘Red Blades of Black Cathay,’ and may use this as the cover design story for our third issue of Oriental Stories. We can offer you $118 on publication for it; and also $118 for “Wings in the Night” for Weird Tales. This is at our regular rate of 1c a word.”

And in a letter (#211) written circa July 1932, to Wilfred Blanch Talman who had read the story Howard says:

Glad you liked the Solomon Kane story. It’s been on ice some time; that is to say, I believe it’s been in the editorial office for some two years. Maybe since I wrote it I’ve rubbed some of the kinks out of my style. And again, maybe not.

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