‘Windigo! Windigo!’ is a short story that is lost. Howard submitted it to Weird Tales, Adventure, Argosy, Tales of Mystery & Magic and Ace-High in 1925 but it was never published.

A windigo (or wendigo) is a supernatural being belonging to the spiritual traditions of Algonquian-speaking First Nations in North America. Windigos are described as powerful monsters that have a desire to kill and eat their victims. In most legends, humans transform into windigos because of their greed or weakness. Various Indigenous traditions consider windigos dangerous because of their thirst for blood and their ability to infect otherwise healthy people or communities with evil. Windigo legends are essentially cautionary tales about isolation and selfishness, and the importance of community.

The title and information are gathered from a letter Howard wrote to his friend Tevis Clyde Smith circa February 1929 (letter #101).