The untitled synopsis for Robert E. Howard’s “Black Hound of Death” offers a glimpse into a dark and suspenseful narrative. Set in the secluded pine woods, this story weaves together elements of supernatural horror and human betrayal, centered around the enigmatic and determined figure of Kirby Garfield.

See THE BLACK HAND OF DEATH for more details.


In the synopsis, Kirby Garfield sets out at night to warn Richard Brent about an escaped convict, Tope Braxton, rumored to be hiding in the nearby woods. As Garfield ventures deeper, he encounters Jim Tike, a local badly mauled and on the brink of death. Tike reveals he was attacked by a masked man whom he was supposed to guide through the woods, ominously known as Egypt.

Following this disturbing encounter, Garfield meets a dark, menacing figure who assaults him and quickly disappears. Undeterred, Garfield reaches Brent’s cabin to relay his warnings. However, Brent, overwhelmed by paranoia, reacts aggressively and forces Garfield out. Outside, Garfield meets Brent’s servant, Ashley, and a woman claiming to be Brent’s niece, Gloria. Despite Ashley’s mistrust, Garfield agrees to accompany them back to the cabin, driven by a sense of duty and concern for Gloria’s safety.

The plot thickens as Garfield learns of Brent’s dark past involving an expedition in Mongolia with a man named Grimm, who was presumed dead but has survived and is now seeking revenge. Grimm’s transformation into a monstrous figure by Mongolian monks is revealed as he terrorizes Brent and plans to gruesomely punish him and Gloria.

The narrative reaches a climax when Garfield, having been knocked unconscious and left for dead, escapes from Tope Braxton using clever deception. Returning to the cabin, Garfield confronts and kills the monstrous Grimm in a desperate attempt to save Gloria, just as Grimm fatally wounds Brent.


  • Kirby Garfield: The protagonist, who braves the dark woods to deliver a warning about the lurking danger.
  • Richard Brent: A man with a secretive and troubled past, whose actions in Mongolia have unleashed a deadly vendetta.
  • Tope Braxton: The dangerous convict whose escape adds to the ominous atmosphere of the woods.
  • Jim Tike: A local who becomes an early victim of the dark forces at play, setting the story in motion.
  • Ashley: Brent’s servant, skeptical of Garfield and fiercely loyal to Brent.
  • Gloria Brent: Introduced as Brent’s niece, she is central to the unfolding horror in the cabin.
  • Adam Grimm: The antagonist whose horrific transformation and thirst for revenge drive the story to its dark conclusion.

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