UNTITLED STORY (The tale has always been doubted and scoffed at, . . .) 350 words, fragment.


In this intriguing yet incomplete fragment, we’re presented with a mysterious and unexplained event that occurred during a boxing match, witnessed by thousands. The central figure of the story is a prizefighter named O’Rourke, a man described as rather ordinary outside of his profession, with limited education and no inclination towards anything beyond the tangible world of boxing. Despite his lack of prominence in the sport, being considered a second-class fighter, O’Rourke becomes the subject of widespread speculation and disbelief after he inexplicably vanishes in the middle of a match against the lightheavyweight champion.

This story fragment leaves readers with more questions than answers, notably regarding the whereabouts of O’Rourke following his disappearance and the impact of this event on those who witnessed it, as well as on O’Rourke’s understanding of history and astronomy—a knowledge inexplicably gained, as suggested, after the incident. The narrative hints at a profound transformation in O’Rourke’s intellectual capabilities, turning him into a recognized authority in fields far removed from his background and experience, thereby challenging the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary.


  • O’Rourke: The prizefighter who mysteriously vanishes during a match.
  • The Lightheavyweight Champion: O’Rourke’s opponent, responsible for the punch that precedes O’Rourke’s disappearance.
  • The Referee: The official overseeing the match, who witnesses O’Rourke’s disappearance and attempts to find an explanation.

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