UNTITLED STORY (Spike Morissey was as tough a kid as ever came . . .) 350 words, fragment.

The fragment explores themes of cultural clash, survival, and the impact of one’s environment on personal development, all through the lens of Spike’s experiences in transitioning from the slums to the collegiate setting.


The fragment introduces Spike Morissey, a student at Menton College, who is depicted as a product of the slums, embodying the essence of survival in a harsh environment. Unlike his peers, who were raised in more sheltered and conventional settings, Spike’s upbringing in the streets has made him adept in the ways of survival rather than in academic or cultural pursuits. His entry into college life is marked by a stark contrast between his background and the world of academia. He is described as sneering, aggressive, and openly contemptuous of college life and its denizens, whom he derogatorily refers to as “cake eaters.” This term, laden with scorn, highlights the cultural and experiential chasm between Spike and his classmates. Spike’s presence at Menton College is a mystery, both to himself and to others, and his adjustment to this new environment is fraught with challenges due to the vast differences in upbringing and values.


  • Spike Morissey: The central character of the fragment, a college student from a slum background, known for his toughness, street smarts, and disdain for the college environment and his peers, whom he refers to as “cake eaters.”

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