UNTITLED STORY (Gordon, the American whom the Arabs call El Borak, . . .). 850 words, unfinished.


The story, set in the deserts of Sudan, features Frank Gordon, known to the Arabs as El Borak, an American with deep knowledge of and strong feelings about various tribes in the Orient. As Gordon travels alone in the desert, he encounters hostile Tauregs—a tribe he dislikes—and utilizes his exceptional combat skills and a superior Bikanir camel to navigate and survive the threats posed by this fierce tribe.

Gordon’s journey leads him towards an uncharted forest, not marked on any known maps, which excites him about the potential of exploring a region unknown to other white men. His observation of the desert transitioning into a veldt-like landscape as it nears the forest piques his curiosity about why the typically fierce Tauregs avoid settling near the forest, suggesting a potentially more formidable tribe within.

As he nears the forest, Gordon is ambushed by about thirty Taureg warriors. Using his sharpshooting skills, he manages to kill two with his rifle before they can close in on him. When they attempt to surround him, Gordon relies on the speed of his Bikanir camel to break from their encirclement. As the chase ensues, Gordon skillfully uses a saber to defeat two more Tauregs in close combat, demonstrating his prowess both as a marksman and in melee.

After escaping the immediate threat, Gordon leverages the unmatched speed of his camel to outrun the remaining Tauregs, reflecting on the potential dangers that lurk in the unexplored forest ahead.


  • Frank Gordon (El Borak): An American adventurer with a vast knowledge of the Orient, favored by certain tribes and hostile towards others like the Tauregs. He is described as having the mind of a scholar and the physique of a gladiator, showcasing immense physical and strategic combat skills.
  • Tauregs: A tribe characterized by their hostility towards Europeans, particularly Gordon. They engage him in a chase and combat as he travels through the Sudanese desert.
  • Professor Jonas Worley: Mentioned as a reference point, indicating Gordon’s capacity to meet high expectations in challenging scenarios, although he does not actively appear in the action of this synopsis.

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