UNTITLED STORY (Between berserk battle-rages, the black despair of melancholy . . .). Unfinished, 225 words.

The untitled draft presents a dark introspection of Wulfhere Skull-crusher, a warrior who, in the throes of his existential despair, contemplates the futility and emptiness of life. Amidst his battles and berserk rages, he comes to see through the illusions of life, recognizing the “Nothing” that lies at the core of existence. This realization strips away the comforting deceptions that people wrap around their lives, leaving Wulfhere to stare into the bleak “Abyss” that is reality.

The draft suggests that only individuals like Wulfhere, with their unflinching perception, can withstand such brutal honesty about life’s lack of inherent meaning or purpose. Yet, even Wulfhere cannot continuously bear the weight of this truth, and his mind eventually turns to the concept of Hate as a form of solace.

Hate, according to the narrative, offers a semblance of oblivion—a temporary escape from the self, which is seen as the ultimate relief in an otherwise unreal universe. Unlike love, which is deemed a self-centered pursuit of pleasure, hate is portrayed as a consuming force that can obliterate the hater’s consciousness in its single-minded intent to destroy the other.


  • Wulfhere Skull-crusher: The central character of the narrative, a warrior who experiences profound existential despair and finds a temporary refuge in the concept of hate.

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