UNTITLED ARTICLE (The round started slow…). The short fiction piece revolves around an intense and detailed depiction of a boxing match, capturing the dynamic and gritty essence of the sport through the eyes of the narrator, who is also one of the fighters. The narrative dives straight into the action, providing blow-by-blow accounts of the maneuvers, strategies, and physical exchanges between the two boxers. The detailed description of their movements—feinting, jabbing, blocking, and landing punches—creates a vivid and immersive experience for the reader.

The unfinished story encapsulates the intensity and complexity of a boxing match, focusing on the physical prowess, strategic thinking, and indomitable spirit required by the sport. Through the detailed narrative, the reader gains insight into the meticulous planning and split-second decisions that define a boxer’s performance in the ring. The text concludes without specifying the outcome of the match, leaving the reader engrossed in the depicted struggle and the relentless pursuit of victory by both fighters.


  • The Narrator/Fighter: The protagonist of the story, directly involved in the boxing match. He gives a first-person account of the fight, detailing his strategies, thoughts, and reactions to the opponent’s moves. His perspective offers an intimate glimpse into the physical and psychological aspects of boxing.
  • The Opponent: The narrator’s adversary in the match. He is described through the actions he takes against the narrator, showcasing his skills, tactics, and resilience. The opponent’s moves and counters add depth to the narrative, highlighting the competitive nature of the sport.

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