The Shadow of the Hun. Featuring Turlogh Dubh O’Brien.

The story

“The Shadow of the Hun” by Robert E. Howard is an epic tale set in a time of ancient wars and legendary warriors. The story begins on a warship where three distinct warriors from different backgrounds – Athelstane the Saxon, Don Roderigo del Cortez, and Turlogh Dubh O’Brien – converse about their upcoming battle against the Saracens. Athelstane, a towering Saxon with golden hair and beard, inquires about these Eastern enemies, and Don Roderigo, a tall, dark Spaniard, describes the Saracens as brave and cruel, adherents of Muhammad. Turlogh, a well-built, dark-haired Gaelic warrior, adds his insights, dismissing the existence of dragons but acknowledging the dangers that await them.

Turlogh then shares his past adventures, including a significant raid that led him to wander for years. He speaks of his time among the Finns, his travels through great forests encountering various tribes, and his leadership of a ship named Crom’s Hate, manned by a crew of outlaws and renegades. Turlogh vividly recounts a fierce naval battle in the Baltic Sea, which ended with his ship wrecked and him as the sole survivor.

In the next part of the story, Turlogh is found wandering the vast, grey steppes when he encounters a wounded young man, Somakeld, fleeing from Turkish pursuers. Turlogh aids Somakeld, slaying the Turks, and learns that Somakeld is from the Turgaslav tribe. Grateful, Somakeld invites Turlogh to his camp, where Turlogh is introduced to the tribe’s chief, Hroghar Skel. There, Turlogh learns of the looming threat of Khogar Khan, a Turkish leader claiming descent from Attila the Hun and wielding a powerful sword that stirs fear among his foes.

Turlogh’s past as a fierce warrior and leader becomes evident as he reminisces about leading Crom’s Hate. His tales of raids against Vikings and survival against all odds in the Baltic Sea paint him as a formidable and resilient fighter. His interaction with the Turgaslav tribe and their chief reveals a brewing conflict with the Turks, hinting at a larger, impending battle.


  • Athelstane the Saxon: A giant Saxon warrior, known for his golden hair and calm demeanor.
  • Don Roderigo del Cortez: A tall, dark, and stately Spanish warrior with deep, somber eyes.
  • Turlogh Dubh O’Brien: A dark-haired, blue-eyed Gaelic warrior, known for his strength, quickness, and fighting prowess.
  • Somakeld: A young Turgaslav warrior, who becomes an ally of Turlogh.
  • Hroghar Skel: The chief of the Turgaslav tribe, a tall and strong elder with a deep commitment to his people.
  • Khogar Khan: A Turkish leader, ambitious and feared, claiming descent from Attila the Hun.

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