Howard’s original title for the story was “The Servants of Bit-Yakin”, but it was as “Jewels of Gwahlur” the tale was first published in the March 1935 issue of Weird Tales. 

Conan visits the oracle of Alkmeenon intending to find the fabled Teeth of Gwahlur, and discovers intrigue and ape-monsters.


  • Conan the Cimmerian – The protagonist, a powerful warrior seeking the lost treasure of Alkmeenon
  • Muriela – A Corinthian dancing girl who gets caught up in Conan’s quest
  • Zargheba – Muriela’s master, a schemer who stole the jewels before Conan
  • Gorulga – The high priest of Keshan who leads the expedition to find the lost treasure
  • Thutmekri – A Stygian who is plotting with the priests
  • Yelaya – The ancient princess of Alkmeenon who is worshipped as a goddess


The lost city of Alkmeenon in the jungle valley of Keshan. Alkmeenon was once ruled by a white race who later deserted the city.

Plot Summary:

Conan travels to the ancient city of Alkmeenon in Keshan seeking a legendary treasure called the Teeth of Gwahlur. He follows some Keshani priests to the lost city, hoping they’ll lead him to the treasure.

In the city, the priests consult an oracle which is revealed to be the ancient princess Yelaya. Conan realizes someone is manipulating the oracle when he discovers the dancing girl Muriela impersonating Yelaya.

It turns out Muriela’s master Zargheba had already stolen the jewels before Conan arrived. Conan decides to follow the priests and steal the treasure back from them.

At the treasure crypt, monstrous servants of the dead wizard Bit-Yakin attack and slaughter the priests. Conan escapes with Muriela and the jewels, but the monsters pursue them across perilous bridges and cliffs.

After a fierce fight, the jewels are lost into the river far below. Though the treasure is gone, Conan and Muriela manage to escape from the valley together. Conan decides to keep Muriela as his companion and seek new adventures elsewhere.

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