From a letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, April 6, 1925 (“Salaam, sahib: / What ho! I have never . . .”). As this is a parody of Sax Rohmer’s “The Quest for the Sacred Slipper”, the title was likely a typo, and should have been “The Post of the Sappy Slipper”.

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Extract from the story:

And having thus disposed of the dwarfs he walked on.

Goofum found his friend sleeping on the lawn.

“The roof leaks,” his friend explained, “so I always sleep outdoors when it rains.”

Goofum noticed that his friend’s right big toe lacked the nail.

He asked the reason. “Ah, yes,” his friend answered. “I once wore the sappy slipper. Which by the way has been stolen.”

“Yes indeed,” said a sarcastic voice and an American crook staggered in. He hit Goofum over the head with a slipper and fainted. His right toe lacked a nail.

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