Circa November/December 1930 Howard was working on the second draft of a collaborative story with Tevis Clyde Smith which probably was titled ‘The Honor of the Game’. There is no known story extant with this title. We only learn the following from a letter (#149) that Howard wrote to Tevis Clyde Smith, circa December 1930:

If you haven’t sent “The Honor of the Game” to Argosy, send it first to Street & Smith, Sport Story, I believe is the name of their magazine. It has no chance with them, but it has no chance with any magazine, so as well one as the other. Argosy sent me an envelope and blank for the names and addresses of ten of my friends, saying that they did not wish any of my friends to miss my stories which appear in Argosy. A bit if irony which slightly gagged me. And besides, I haven’t that many in the world, anyway.

AI-generated image of a copperhead. Not accurate.