I will not seek to express my appreciation of “The Hashish-Eater”. I lack the words. I have read it many times already; I hope to read it many more times.
– Robert E. Howard to Clark Ashton Smith, 22 Jul 1933, CL3.97

Robert E. Howard himself dabbled in hashish-vision literature with a piece titled “The Hashish Land,” first published Fantôme #1 (1978) by The Great Bhang Press, as a collection of fantastic cannabis literature. 

Although there was no date on the manuscript which follows, Glenn Lord tells us that it was found among other papers dated around the time of Howard’s writing his Epic, “Skull-Face,” which seems logical enough to us. At any rate, what follows is testament either to the effect of a strong dose on a highly imaginative mind or the decline in the quality of Cannabis in the past forty years.

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