The Sporting Page section from Howard’s self-published The Right Hook #1 provides a comprehensive update on the boxing scene across various weight classes, with a particular focus on tournaments and championships that were happening at the time. The article mentions the lightweight tournament aimed at finding a successor for Benny Leonard, who had recently retired. Sammy Mandell is mentioned as having assumed the title by defeating Sid Terris, but there’s contention around his claim, suggesting a need for Mandell to defend the title against all comers to prove his worthiness. Jack Bernstein is highlighted as a prominent figure in the lightweight division, having a record of significant wins, including one over Johnny Dundee. The discussion extends to other weight classes, noting Louis Kaplan‘s acquisition of the featherweight title vacated by Dundee, although the author expresses skepticism about Kaplan’s legitimacy as a champion. The suspension of Jack Dempsey by the Boxing Commission, preventing him from fighting in New York, is briefly mentioned, implying it might not significantly impact Dempsey.


  • Benny Leonard: A recently retired boxer, previously holding the lightweight throne.
  • Sammy Mandell: A boxer who assumed the lightweight title after defeating Sid Terris, though his claim is questioned.
  • Jack Bernstein: Presented as a significant contender in the lightweight division with a strong fight record.
  • Sid Terris: A boxer defeated by Sammy Mandell in the lightweight tournament.
  • Johnny Dundee: A former featherweight champ mentioned in the context of Jack Bernstein’s victories.
  • Luis Vicentino: Highlighted as a potential lightweight champion, praised for his strength despite needing to refine his boxing science.
  • Tommy O’Brien: Noted for his prominence following a knockout of George Chaney.
  • Jack Zivic: Mentioned as an aggressive contender in the lightweight division, especially after knocking out Lew Tendler.
  • Louis Kaplan: Criticized for being recognized as the featherweight champion, with the author expressing favor towards other fighters over him.
  • Danny Kramer: Defeated by Louis Kaplan in the featherweight division.
  • Benny Bass, Mike Dundee, Al Corbett: Boxers favored by the author over Louis Kaplan in the featherweight division.
  • Eduard Mascart: The European champion mentioned for his knockout victory over Danny Frush.
  • Jack Dempsey: Noted for being suspended by the New York Boxing Commission, suggesting his indifference towards the suspension.
  • Pete Sarmentio, Benny Bass, Mike Dundey, Al Corbett, Sid Terris, Jack Delaney, Berlenbach, Stribling, Slattery: Boxers listed as championship material in their respective weight classes, indicating their prominence or potential in the boxing scene.

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