“Sons of Hate” is a partial synopsis by Robert E. Howard, set in the 1930s. The narrative involves complex espionage and intrigue, focusing on the movements and plans of several characters across different locations, including England and Cairo.

See SONS OF HATE for more details. Featuring the private detectives Butch Gorman and Brent Kirby.


On the 3rd of August, Stalbridge is in England while Kerim Ali is in Cairo. Kerim Ali first sees a crucial picture, but Stalbridge arrives in the city a day before him. Upon arrival, Stalbridge locates Pembroke’s house and sends him the picture. Observing the house, Stalbridge sees Pembroke leave for the city and follows him. That same day, he arranges a meeting with Brent Kirby and Butch Gorman. Stalbridge watches Pembroke at the club and follows him to the detective’s office.

Meanwhile, Kerim Ali also arrives, locates Pembroke’s house, and shortly after Pembroke’s departure, contacts Juan, bribing him for information. Juan learns from William that Pembroke plans to visit the detective agency. Kerim Ali then strategizes, with Juan advising against capturing Pembroke upon arrival.


  • Stalbridge: An observer and key player who arrives in the city before Kerim Ali and closely monitors Pembroke’s movements.
  • Kerim Ali: Based initially in Cairo, he follows Stalbridge to the city and devises plans involving Pembroke.
  • Pembroke: A central figure whose movements are closely tracked by both Stalbridge and Kerim Ali.
  • Brent Kirby: A detective with whom Stalbridge arranges an appointment.
  • Butch Gorman: Another individual involved in the meeting with Stalbridge and Kirby.
  • Juan: A contact bribed by Kerim Ali for information about Pembroke.
  • William: Provides information to Juan about Pembroke’s plans to visit the detective agency.

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