“Rogues in the House” is one of the original short stories starring Conan. First published in Weird Tales magazine in January 1934. Sold for $100.00.

It is set in the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age and concerns Conan inadvertently becoming involved in the struggle between two powerful men fighting for control of a city-state. It was the seventh Conan story Howard had published. It features a fight between Conan and an intelligent ape-like hominid.

It is famous for the fight scene between Conan and an ape, often known as the cover by artist Frank Frazetta.

Prior to the story’s beginning, Conan kills a corrupt priest of Anu, who was both a fence and police informer. However, Conan was arrested after he became intoxicated and a prostitute turned him in. Languishing in a jail cell while awaiting his execution, Conan receives Murilo’s visit and is proposed a bargain: in exchange for setting him free and getting him out of Corinthia with a bag of gold, Conan will assassinate Nabonidus.

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