“Redflame” is an unfinished story by Robert E. Howard. The tale follows John Silent, a traveler who becomes embroiled in a mysterious and eerie series of events on a stormy night, leading him to a sinister tower and its enigmatic master, Adam Redflame. Also featuring John Silent.


The story begins with John Silent trudging through a rain-soaked, muddy road under the dim light of a flickering moon. Exhausted and soaked, he continues his journey, lamenting the miserable weather. As he progresses, he comes across a gallows tree, an ominous structure in the desolate night. Silent examines the tree with a grim fascination, reflecting on its common presence in England during these unsettled times.

His contemplation is interrupted by the approach of several men, who emit an eerie glow, seemingly from their bodies. They silently and efficiently cut down the corpse hanging from the gallows and carry it away. Intrigued and wary, John Silent decides to follow them. The men lead him to a tall, dark tower—known locally as The Black Tower. Despite its forbidding appearance and the warnings he has heard from villagers, Silent’s curiosity drives him to approach.

At the tower’s entrance, he is greeted by a tall, sinister man clad entirely in black, who introduces himself as Adam Redflame. Redflame is initially unwelcoming but eventually invites Silent inside to warm himself by the fire. As they converse, Silent learns that Redflame is reputed to be a magician or dealer in the black arts, although the local villagers could provide no concrete evidence of his supposed dark deeds.

Their discussion turns to the mysterious events of the night. Silent reveals that he recognized one of the gallows robbers as Juan Gomez, a man he had killed years earlier on the Spanish Main. Redflame casually dismisses this revelation, stating that Gomez was a faithful servant, suggesting he has the power to bring the dead back to life or keep them in servitude.

Throughout their conversation, Silent is unsettled by Redflame’s demeanor and cryptic responses. The tower’s interior and its host’s peculiar behavior only add to the sense of unease and foreboding. The story ends with Silent deeply engrossed in the strange and sinister atmosphere of the tower, pondering the dark powers Redflame might wield and the true nature of the events he has witnessed.


  • John Silent: The protagonist, a traveler caught in a storm who becomes entangled in a mysterious and eerie adventure.
  • Adam Redflame: The enigmatic and sinister master of The Black Tower, reputed to be a magician or dealer in the black arts.
  • Juan Gomez: A Spanish renegade and buccaneer, supposedly killed by John Silent years ago but seen alive as one of Redflame’s servants.

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