Mistress of Death featuring Agnes de Chastillon

Howard only wrote two drafts of “Mistress of Death”, both incomplete. The second of the two drafts was later completed by Gerald W. Page and it was this version that was first published in Witchcraft & Sorcery Volume 1 Number 5 (January–February 1971). Gerald W. Page also provided the title. This is the only Dark Agnes story to include a fantasy element, in the form of a sorcerer. It is not written to the same standard of the two stories Howard completed, and features some departures from the established character, making her more stereotypically feminine.

It was later adapted into a Conan tale, “Curse of the Undead-Man”, appearing in The Savage Sword of Conan no. 1, 1974, where the Cimmerian encounters Red Sonja (in place of Dark Agnes).

The second unfinished draft was completed by Gerald W. Page and is indicated below.

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