“Friends” is a short story that centers on the playful rivalry and camaraderie between two young men, Steve and Weary, as they spend a day fishing on an old wharf in Galveston. Their banter and friendly competition highlight the dynamics of their friendship. Undated school work. 600 words.


The story opens with a young man lounging on an old, unused wharf, enjoying a lazy day of fishing in the warm sun. The peaceful scene is interrupted by the arrival of his friend, Steve, whose heavy footsteps rouse the young man, named Weary. Steve’s entrance is marked by a humorous exchange about his loud walking and the condition of the wharf.

Steve’s arrival leads to a playful argument about their respective favorite pastimes: fishing and hunting. Weary, the more patient and relaxed of the two, defends fishing as the best way to spend a day, recounting his experiences with catching big fish like salmon. Steve, on the other hand, dismisses fishing as boring and extols the virtues of hunting, sharing tales of his adventures in the wild.

Their conversation is filled with good-natured teasing and boasts about their exploits. Weary claims to have caught a forty-pound salmon on the Columbia River, while Steve counters with a story about killing a black jaguar in Brazil. The playful banter escalates into a physical tussle, leading to both friends falling into the water.

After their unexpected swim, the two friends, now wet and bruised, sit back on the wharf and reconcile. Weary admits that his fish story might have been exaggerated, and Steve suggests borrowing a skiff to go fishing in the bay, showing that despite their differences, their friendship remains strong and resilient.


  • Steve Bender: A young man who prefers hunting over fishing. He is energetic, assertive, and enjoys sharing his adventurous stories about hunting in various wild places.
  • Weary McGrew: A young man who loves fishing and prefers the tranquility it offers. He is patient, relaxed, and enjoys recounting his experiences with catching large fish.

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