“Brotherly Advice” is an unfinished story featuring the Allison family, focusing on the dynamic between Steve Allison and his younger sister Mildred. In this story, Steve, a former professional gambler with a strong sense of responsibility for his sister’s well-being, finds himself having to intervene in her social life to protect her from unsavory influences. The setting is Piretto’s Place, a popular cabaret and gambling-house in Greenwich, where Mildred is enjoying the company of the high-society crowd.

The story illustrates the contrasting lifestyles and values within the Allison family and highlights the challenges faced by a protective brother in a fast-paced social environment. The unfinished nature of the story leaves readers curious about the further adventures and developments of Steve and Mildred Allison.


  • Steve Allison: The main character, Steve is portrayed as a skilled poker player and a protective older brother. He’s described as having a lean appearance with narrow, gray eyes and black hair. Steve is adept at reading people and situations, and is determined to keep his sister safe from harmful influences.
  • Mildred Allison: Steve’s younger sister. She is depicted as a vivacious, somewhat naive young woman who enjoys the social scene. Mildred is new to the “fast set” and is somewhat intoxicated by the excitement and freedom she experiences. She has a rebellious streak and tends to challenge her brother’s protective instincts.
  • Kurt Vanner: A character at the gambling table, known to Steve but not trusted by him. He’s described as larger, taller, and heavier than Steve, and he attempts to place a bet involving Mildred.
  • Unnamed Professional Gambler: Employed by the establishment, he plays poker with Steve and the others at the table.
  • Other Patrons: Various well-dressed young men and women who are part of the high-society crowd at Piretto’s Place, including those who watch and interact with Mildred.
  • Other Gamblers: Employees or regulars at Piretto’s Place who are surprised by the amount of money being wagered by the highbrow party.

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