In the original untitled typescript, the character is called Brachan, but in the published appearances it is Brachen. Unfinished.

The story

“Brachen the Kelt” narrates the past life of James Allison, who remembers himself as Brachan, a Kelt from an ancient, undiluted Aryan race. This story, set in a primordial world, unfolds through Allison’s vivid recollections of his previous incarnation.

Brachan’s life begins in eastern Europe, near a vast inland sea, among a nomadic tribe following wild herds. As a child, Brachan is part of a lengthy migration westward to Europe, bringing with them the culture of bronze, contradicting historians’ beliefs about the era’s migrations and technological advancements.

The Kelts, described as the first Aryans in Europe, settle in a lush land of forests and seas. Brachan grows into a powerful, yellow-haired, blue-eyed man, embodying the unadulterated Aryan characteristics.

Driven by wanderlust, Brachan ventures southward, traversing a perilous world filled with prehistoric beasts and hostile tribes. His journey leads him to the village of Amelia, inhabited by dark-haired, olive-skinned people distinct from his clan. There, he meets Taramis, the beautiful daughter of King Jogah, and is instantly captivated by her.

Desiring Taramis, Brachan is tasked by King Jogah to kill the Shaggy One, a fearsome, hairy creature terrorizing the region, and the last of a primitive, beast-like race. Brachan accepts the challenge, venturing alone into the hills with his legendary sword, Skull-biter.

He finds and slays the Shaggy One, decapitating it in its cave. Despite the horror of the act, he brings the creature’s head back to Amelia as proof of his deed. His success earns him the right to marry Taramis, and they celebrate with a grand wedding feast in Jogah’s palace.


  • James Allison/Brachan: The protagonist, recalling his past life as Brachan, a Kelt from an ancient Aryan tribe. He is characterized by his physical strength, courage, and skill in combat.
  • Taramis: The beautiful daughter of King Jogah, whose love becomes the driving force behind Brachan’s quest.
  • King Jogah: The ruler of the village of Amelia, he sets the condition for Brachan to earn Taramis’s hand in marriage.
  • The Shaggy One: A monstrous, beast-like creature, the last of a primitive race, whom Brachan is tasked to slay.

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