“An Autobiography” is a school paper written by Robert E. Howard on November 29, 1921, which provides a brief narrative of his early life and movements across Texas. Howard reflects on his formative years with a sense of humor and casual observation. The paper received a “B”.


Robert Ervin Howard begins his autobiography by noting his birth in January 1906, in Peaster, Texas, a small town near Weatherford. He was named after his great-grandfather Robert Ervin and also carries the name George Washington, though he clarifies it was not in honor of the president.

His early years involved several moves around Texas, which he glosses over due to his young age at the time. He recalls settling in Seminole, Texas, located near the New Mexico border, a region he describes as prairie land with a notable scarcity of water. This issue prompted another move to Bagwell, Texas, located between Texarkana and Paris. Here, he contrasts his previous environment by noting the abundance of water, mentioning rains so persistent that fish swam in the roads.

Howard’s health issues began in Bagwell due to the swampy conditions, which aggravated his nasal catarrh. This led his family to relocate to Central-West Texas, where he spent time near the villages between Brownwood and Cisco before finally moving to Cross Plains, Texas, where he resided at the time of writing his autobiography.

Howard’s recollection of his early educational experiences is brief, noting only that his first school attendance was in Bagwell. He closes the narrative by emphasizing his current residence in Cross Plains without delving into further details of his life or achievements.

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