Immerse yourself in the gritty underworld of “Alleys of Treachery,” where Dennis Dorgan navigates through deception and violence on the Hong Kong waterfront, unveiling unexpected alliances and hidden treacheries. Never published in Howard’s lifetime. Later published as “The Mandarin Ruby” in The Incredible Adventures of Dennis Dorgan.

Featuring Dennis Dorgan. The story was received by Kline Agency on November 8, 1934. The pseudonym Patrick Ervin was used.


Dennis Dorgan, a sailor, recounts his tumultuous night at the Peaceful Haven A. C. in Hong Kong where he fought Butch Corrigan, a formidable opponent likened to a gorilla. Despite the brutal match, which Dennis eventually wins by knockout, his night grows complicated when he learns that Dutchy Tatterkin, the promoter, has fled with the night’s earnings, leaving Dennis unpaid.

In search of his fifty dollars, Dennis chases a lead provided by a local Malay boy, who suggests Dutchy is hiding in a nearby secluded house. Opting for stealth over aggression, Dennis eavesdrops on a gathering inside the house, learning from the conversation among Dutchy’s criminal associates—Tom Kells, Jack Frankley, Bill McCoy, and Ti Ying (a known river-pirate)—about a sinister plot involving the captive Yut Ling, a suspected jewel thief.

As Dennis plans his next move, he accidentally alerts the group to his presence. After a brief and violent clash, Dennis and the criminals crash into the cellar, trapping everyone. Amidst the chaos, Dennis negotiates with the gang, securing his owed money by manipulating the criminals into turning on each other. The cellar scene reveals layers of betrayal among the criminals, including a scheme involving the Mandarin Ruby, a priceless jewel.

After escaping the cellar, Dennis rescues a tied-up man, Soo Ong, who claims to be a detective working on the case of the Mandarin Ruby. He enlists Dennis’s help to capture a supposed spy working for Yut Ling, leading to a fatal confrontation where Soo Ong kills Yut Ling, believing him to be the mastermind thief.

However, the narrative takes a twist as Sir Peter Brent, an English detective disguised as a tramp to track down the real jewel thief, reveals that Soo Ong is actually Ki Yang, the falsely accused thief trying to prove his innocence. Ki Yang had manipulated Dennis into helping him confront Yut Ling, the real thief. The story concludes with the recovery of the stolen ruby and the vindication of Ki Yang’s innocence, thanks to the unwitting assistance of Dennis, who had thought he was aiding a legitimate detective.


  • Dennis Dorgan – Main protagonist, a sailor involved in a rough boxing match and subsequent criminal adventures.
  • Butch Corrigan – Dennis’s opponent in the boxing match.
  • Dutchy Tatterkin – Fight promoter and central figure in the theft plot.
  • Tom Kells, Jack Frankley, Bill McCoy, Ti Ying – Criminal associates of Dutchy.
  • Soo Ong / Ki Yang – The character who claims to be a detective but is later revealed to be a falsely accused man trying to clear his name.
  • Yut Ling – Real thief of the Mandarin Ruby, killed by Soo Ong/Ki Yang.
  • Sir Peter Brent – English detective investigating the theft of the Mandarin Ruby.
  • Mike Grogan – One of the thugs involved with Dutchy.
  • Local Malay Boy – Provides Dennis information about Dutchy’s whereabouts.

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