“A Gent from Bear Creek” is the title of both an original short story, as well as a novel created by combining several previous short stories with some new material; the previously published short stories were altered a little to create chapters with a continuous storyline, and new material was added as additional chapters.

The manuscript was received by Kline on August 31, 1935. It was sent to Caxton Printers by Kline on September 3. It was sent to Macmillan by Kline on November 11, 1935. In June 1936 the manuscript was shipped to Paradise by Binder.

The chapters are: “Striped Shirts and Busted Hearts” (new); “Mountain Man”; “Meet Cap’n Kidd” (new); “Guns of the Mountain”; “A Gent from Bear Creek”; “The Feud Buster”; “The Road to Bear Creek”; “The Scalp Hunter”; “Cupid from Bear Creek”; “The Haunted Mountain”; “Educate or Bust” (new); “War on Bear Creek”; “When Bear Creek Came to Chawed Ear” (new).

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