A Blazing Sun in a Blazing Sky. A unfinished fragment about two young (cow)boys with big guns traveling the Arizona ranges. Fearing the Mexican Miguel Gonzales might be hiding in the mountains.

The story sets up a classic Western adventure with elements of danger, exploration, and confrontation in a rugged landscape. However, being unfinished, it leaves the resolution of their predicament and the exploration of the pueblos unexplored.

The story

In this untitled and unfinished story fragment, two young cowboys, Steve Allison and Billy Buckner, traverse a blazing Arizona desert and encounter danger in a remote mountain valley.

The story opens with a vivid description of the harsh desert environment. Steve and Billy, both young men in their boyhood, are well-equipped for the journey with tough horses and heavy Colt firearms, an indication of their readiness for potential confrontations.

Their attire, typical of Arizona cowboys, includes wide-brimmed hats, serviceable clothes, and boots. Notably, Steve carries two guns, both holstered and tied to his legs, signaling his expertise and experience with firearms. Both characters share physical traits of medium height, black hair, and gray eyes, though Steve is slightly taller and slimmer.

As they approach the mountains, their conversation reveals a sense of adventure and a hint of skepticism from Billy about their mission to explore ancient pueblos. Their discussion also touches on Miguel Gonzales, a character known for his gunfighting skills, suggesting potential danger ahead.

Upon reaching the mountains, they leave their horses and climb on foot, eventually reaching a ledge overlooking a barren valley. Despite Billy’s doubts about the existence of pueblos, Steve is determined to explore the valley.

Their exploration is abruptly interrupted by a gunshot from above. A voice mocks them, revealing it’s Gonzales who has ambushed them. Although Steve and Billy manage to take cover and return fire, Gonzales escapes, leaving them stranded without a clear path back up the cliff.


  • Steve Allison: A young cowboy, adventurous and well-prepared for dangers, carrying two guns.
  • Billy Buckner (“Drag”): Steve’s companion, skeptical about their mission but loyal.
  • Miguel Gonzales: An unseen antagonist, known for his skill with guns, who ambushes Steve and Billy.

Alternate title

UNTITLED STORY (“A blazing sun…”)

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