Weird Tales, October 1933

Weird Tales from October 1933 has an iconic image by Margaret Brundage. It contains the story ‘The Pool of the Black One’ by Howard. Girasol Collectables did a great replica of the original in april 2005 with scanned text and interior art right from the original pulp pages. No editing. No reset text.


  • The Vampire Master (Part 1 of 4) • [Dr. John Dale] • serial by Edmond Hamilton [as by Hugh Davidson]
  • The Mansion of Unholy Magic • [Jules de Grandin] • novelette by Seabury Quinn
  • The Pool of the Black One • [Conan] • novelette by Robert E. Howard
  • The House of the Worm • novelette by Mearle Prout
  • The Plutonian Terror • short story by Jack Williamson
  • The Seed from the Sepulcher • short story by Clark Ashton Smith
  • The Black, Dead Thing • short story by Frank Belknap Long [as by Frank Belknap Long, Jr.]
  • The Cat-Woman • short story by Mary Elizabeth Counselman [as by M. E. Counselman]
  • The Ultimate Word • poem by Marion Doyle
  • The Festival • [Cthulhu Mythos] • (1925) • short story by H. P. Lovecraft

If you like to read a copy of this (brown pages and all), just click the button below. I’ve grabbed it from the Luminist Archives

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Publisher : Popular Fiction Publishing Company
Year : October 1933
Replica by: Girsasol Collectables – April 2005
Format : Pulp
Pages : 128
Cover : Margaret Brundage
Illustrations : Listed under notes


Weird Tales Volume 22 Number 4.
Interior Artists:
Jayem Wilcox
Andrew Brosnatch
Hugh Rankin

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