Weird Tales from November 1931 contains Robert E. Howards ‘The Black Stone’.

Girasol Collectables did a great replica of the original with scanned text and interior art right from the original pulp pages. No editing. No reset text. See the link below to download/read. Thank you very much to Dennis McHaney for providing the file. I’ve made the index searchable.


  • The Eyrie (letter column)
  • Placide’s Wife • [Nita Duboin] • novelette by Kirk Mashburn
  • The Second-Hand Limousine • short story by Harold Markham
  • On Hallows’ E’en • poem by Alfred I. Tooke
  • Subterranea • novelette by W. Elwyn Backus
  • The Tale of Satampra Zeiros • [Satampra Zeiros] • short story by Clark Ashton Smith
  • The Black Stone • [Cthulhu Mythos Tales] • short story by Robert E. Howard
  • The Ghost That Never Died • novelette by Elizabeth Sheldon
  • The Empty House • poem by Cristel Hastings
  • Tam, Son of the Tiger (Part 5 of 6) • serial by Otis Adelbert Kline
  • Jungle Feud • poem by Alice I’Anson
  • Doom Around the Corner • short story by Wilfred Blanch Talman
  • Return • poem by Leona May Ames
  • The Boiling Photograph • short story by Paul Ernst
  • The Wolf-Leader (Part 4 of 8) • serial by Alexandre Dumas (trans. of Le meneur de loups 1857)

If you like to read a copy of this (brown pages and all), just click the button below. The file was provided by Dennis McHaney.

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Publisher :Popular Fiction Publishing Company
Year :November 1931
Replica by:Girsasol Collectables – ??
Format :Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages :144
Cover :Curtis C. Senf
Illustrations :Listed under notes


Weird Tales Volume 18 Number 4.
Interior Artists:
Curtis C. Senf
Joseph Doolin
Andrew Brosnatch (The Eyrie)
Hugh Rankin

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Weird Tales 1931 November

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