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The latest newsletter from the Robert E. Howard Foundation offers a rich array of content that will delight fans and scholars alike. Here’s what you can expect in this issue:


  •  fc • Cover showing photographs of Robert E. Howard, family and friends. Collected by Patrice Louinet.
  •   2 • “Letter from the Board” – Gain insights from the Foundation’s board members on recent activities and upcoming initiatives – • by Lee A. Breakiron
  •   3 • “Blades of the Brotherhood”  – Typescript (first draft): Dive into an original typescript of Howard’s first draft of this intriguing tale, shedding light on his creative process.
  • 29 • Letter to Farnsworth Wright, May 6th, 1935 (typescript). This is letter #311 in The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard Volume Three: 1933-1936 ultimate.
  • 31 • News and Events – Information about the REH Foundation Awards and Robert E. Howard Days 2024.
  • 34 • Zukala’s Jest – verse (typescript) by Robert E. Howard
  • 35 • Zukala’s Hour – verse (typescript) by Robert E. Howard
  • 37 • The Tower of Zukala – verse (typescript) by Robert E. Howard

This newsletter is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the life and works of Robert E. Howard.

Publisher :The Robert E. Howard Foundation
Year :Fall 2023 (mailed January 2024)
Format :Periodical  (8.5 x 11, saddle-stapled)
Pages :40 including front and back covers
Cover :Picture of a copy of “A Gent From Bear Creek” (Herbert Jenkins)
Illustrations :None


Prepared for publication by Lee A. Breakiron
Not available for individual sale.
This newsletter was provided to Friends of REH and Legacy Circle members of the Robert E. Howard Foundation.

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Newsletter v17 #3

Dive into the newest newsletter from the Robert E. Howard Foundation, offering a wealth of exclusive content. This issue brings you a “Letter from the Board,” a typescript of “Blades of the Brotherhood”, and more.

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