Two-Fisted Detective Stories

A chapbook or fanzine from May 1984 mostly Steve Harrison Detective stories.The Voice of Death published for the first time here. There is also a second issue of ‘Two-Fisted Detective Stories’, but that doesn’t contain anything by Howard.


  • Introduction (Two-Fisted Detective Stories) • essay by Marc Cerasini and Charles Hoffman
  • The Silver Heel • [Steve Harrison] • novelette by Robert E. Howard
  • The Voice of Death • [Steve Harrison] • (1984) • short story by Robert E. Howard
  • Untitled synopsis (“Steve Harrison received a wire…”) • [Steve Harrison] • short fiction by Robert E. Howard
  • Sons of Hate • [Butch Gordon & Brent Kirby] • novelette by Robert E. Howard


Edited by Robert M. Price
The Chromlech Series #2

Limited edition of 500 copies.
50 copies are numbered 1-50 and signed by Stephen E. Fabian and Robert M. Price.
26 copies are lettered A-Z. 20 copies are presentation and designated as such. None of these copies were for sale.

Saddle stapled, wraps. Cover artist credited on title page; illustration signed “SF”.

Publisher :Cryptic Publications
Year :May 1984
Format :Booklet
Pages :72
Cover :Stephen E. Fabian
Illustrations :None
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Two-Fisted Detective

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