The Garden of Fear and Other Stories of the Bizarre and Fantastic

A chapbook or fanzine from May 1984 mostly Steve Harrison Detective stories.The Voice of Death published for the first time here. There is also a second issue of ‘Two-Fisted Detective Stories’, but that doesn’t contain anything by Howard.


  • The Garden of Fear • [James Allison] • (1934) • novelette by Robert E. Howard
  • The Man with the Hour Glass • (1934) • novelette by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
  • Celephais • [Dream Cycle] • (1922) • short story by H. P. Lovecraft (variant of Celephaïs)
  • Mars Colonizes • (1935) • novelette by Miles J. Breuer, M.D.
  • The Golden Bough • (1934) • short story by David H. Keller, M.D.
Publisher :Crawford Publications
Year :1945
Format :Booklet with staples
Pages :80
Cover :Alva Rogers
Illustrations :None


Editor: William Crawford
The cover comes in numerous different colors.
Allegedly Crawford had a deal to get these distributed in magazines, and produced 15,000, but the deal fell through, and he spent the rest of his life trying to unload them.

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The Garden of Fear

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