This chapbook from 1986 is quite fun. The first story is called ‘Sixgun Hellcats from Black River’ and it’s written by Hugh B. Cave, Charles Hoffman and Marc Cerasini. What makes it extra fun is that Robert E. Howard and Hugh B. Cave are missing and editor of Weird Tales, Mr. Farnsworth Wright, have sent Sam Walser and Justin case to look for them and also find out what happened to Mr. Ambrose Bierce who disappeared in Mexico in 1913.

Sam Walser and Justin Case was pseudonyms Howard used when writing for Spicy Adventure Stories so that is also funny.


  • Forepay (Risque Stories #4) • essay by Robert M. Price
  • Sixgun Hellcats from Black River • novelette by Hugh B. Cave and Marc Cerasini and Charles Hoffman
  • Murder in Silhouette • short story by Manly Wade Wellman
  • Love Slaves of the Sandinista Torture Squad • short story by N. Leo Lancer
  • Miss High-Hat • short story by Robert E. Howard
  •  The Spicy Sleuths • essay by Will Murray
  • Julie de Grandin, Psychic Sleuth in The Stripped Spectre of Sunny Side • [Julie de Grandin] • short story by Will Murray
  • Risqué Review
  • Readers’ Rendezvous
Publisher :Cryptic Publications
Year :October 1986
Format :Booklet
Pages :56
Cover :Stephen E. Fabian
Illustrations :Listed under notes


Interior Artists:
Lance Brown
Robert H. Knox
Bob Price

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Risque Stories no. 4