This chapbook or fanzine from 1989 contains ‘The Stones of Destiny’ by Howard and I believe this is the first time it was published. In the introduction by Robert M. Price he says that this is one of those silly “confession” pieces he bragged to Novalyne Price that he’d tossed off for a few extra bucks. It was never sold though.


  • Forepay (Risque Stories #4) • essay by Robert M. Price
  • Sixgun Hellcats from Black River • novelette by Hugh B. Cave and Marc Cerasini and Charles Hoffman
  • Murder in Silhouette • short story by Manly Wade Wellman
  • Love Slaves of the Sandinista Torture Squad • short story by N. Leo Lancer
  • Miss High-Hat • short story by Robert E. Howard
  •  The Spicy Sleuths • essay by Will Murray
  • Julie de Grandin, Psychic Sleuth in The Stripped Spectre of Sunny Side • [Julie de Grandin] • short story by Will Murray
  • Risqué Review
  • Readers’ Rendezvous
Publisher :Cryptic Publications
Year :March 1989
Format :Booklet
Pages :60
Cover :Bruce Timm
Illustrations :Bruce Timm


Saddle stapled, wraps. Page numbers do not include covers.
Cover and interior artist credited on p. 52; initials “BT” appear on each illustration.
Only issue of this fanzine.

Edited by Robert M. Price
Contains inside front cover and back cover illustrations by Bruce Timm

Howard Works ISFDB

Pulp Magazine #1

Tags: Pulp / Robert E. Howard