Beyond the Black River: The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard Volume Three

Volume 3 in a series of 5 books. Meticulously restored text by renowned Howard scholar Paul Herman. This book includes material from the Wildside Press volumes “Gardens of Fear” and “Beyond the Black River.”

This book also contains THE CHALLENGE FROM BEYOND which is a round-robin (collaboration) 1935 horror short story written by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Frank Belknap Long, Robert E. Howard, C. L. Moore, and Abraham Merritt. It was published in Fantasy Magazine and is part of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Fantastic – June 1975

Fantastic Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy Stories Volume 24 Number 4.

Contains THE TOWER OF TIME, completed by Lin Carter. Based on a fragment by Howard. Featuring James Allison.