Sword & Fantasy #19

No REH stories or poems in this volume, but a review of the movie The Whole Wide World and artwork featuring Robert E. Howard by Rick McCollum.

Contents include articles by and about H.P. Lovecraft. Sword & Sorcery art. Article on the A. Merritt novel THE FACE IN THE ABYSS, and more. Cover by Margaret Brundage.

Sword & Fantasy #18

Contents include letters by Glenn Lord, Zarfhaana by Glenn Lord (1974), H.P. Lovecraft: The House and the Shadows by J. Vernon Shea, Cthulhu drawing by J. Cockroft (cover of LIGHT, 1946), Lovecraft on Burroughs, Memories of Quinn by E. Hoffman Price (1969), an intervidw with E. Hoffman Price, art folio by Joseph H. Krucher (1962), an interview with Karl Edward Wagner (1975), and more.