The Cimmerian #2 volume 3

Features full coverage of the January 21, 2006 centennial celebration in Fort Worth, Texas, an essay on Howard creating a horror milieu in reaction to Lovecraft, more coverage of the December 27, 2005 Cross Plains fire, a historical vignette about a Howard lawsuit by Glenn Lord, poetry by Darrell Schweitzer, a jam-packed Lion’s Den, and more.

The Cimmerian #6 volume 3

Features an in-depth look at the very first Robert E. Howard Days in 1986, complete with lots of pictures, along with a series of excerpts from the highly anticipated Howard biography by [redacted], a tantalizing tidbit from Don Herron’s interview with Howard friend and contemporary Norris Chambers, rousing battle poetry from Darrell Schweitzer, a huge Lion’s Den, and more.

The Cimmerian #8 volume 3

Features a symposium on the rarest of all Howard books, the Herbert Jenkins edition of A Gent from Bear Creek. Four different articles present a host of new discoveries related to this edition that will knock your socks off, plus bring you up to date on all the latest data regarding how many have been found worldwide, how much they are worth, and where you can see them yourself.

The Cimmerian #9 volume 3

Features a detailed exploration of the creation of Howard’s first American hardcover, Skull-Face and Others, an article on some mindblowing authentic Howard book finds, an article about discovering a previously unknown Howard connection with a famous author, a trip report of Pulpcon 2006, letters, art, and more.

The Cimmerian #12 volume 3

Features a fascinating essay on Howard’s poetic and mythic techniques, an article about a semi-famous, strange Howard fan, a piece delving into the convoluted history of the Howard copyrights and REH publishing, more details about the new Robert E. Howard Foundation, the thunderous end to Richard Tierney’s year-long sonnet cycle, letters, art, and more.