Collected letters available on Amazon

The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard volume 1, Ultimate Edition, is now available on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback. For people outside the US, this is especially good news since the total cost is reduced. 

The main reason for the delay on both the paperback and Collected Letters volume 2 and 3 have been so many printers closing down due to Covid, getting supplies, lack of workers in the supplies industries, etc.

Volume 2 and 3 are already ready to be printed, just waiting their turn in line behind other people’s books to be done. Also, the first volume of The Complete Poetry is ready and waiting. Even Science Fantasy and Steve Harrison is soon to go. They just need to have their formats changed to the larger-sized books to fit in with the rest of The Ultimate Editions.

Buy it now!

Update 24th of January:
The REH Foundation Press is now working with Ingram, the multinational book distributor, publisher, creator, etc. This leads to an entrance to Amazon and other channels. As mentioned earlier the plan is to release V2 and V3 soon. Paul Herman has also been working with the artist and editors to get a couple of other books ready to go via Ingram.

The books that haven’t sold out yet will not be reprinted until they are sold out, so there is still a chance to get some first editions while the stock lasts.


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