Axe #1

On the 5th of January 2022 I ordered myself a small axe from Store_Vikingz. I follow these guys from Italy I belive, on Instagram. The axe was on sale and I have wanted one for a long long time. The axe arrived safely on the 25th of January. There’s a picture of it on the right.

The experience and the axe was great, but I needed more. What I really wanted was a bad ass Conan-axe!

Axe #2

An idea was born (or rekindled). I got in touch with David Wood from the Etsy store 4youCraftsStore. This is the same as the instagram-profile store_vikingz. The company is called VikingAxesStore.

I sent David some images of some of my ideas. First out an image of Red Sonja’s bad ass axe from the Sideshow statue. Now, I didn’t want a Red Sonja axe, but a Conan axe. I also received a lot of images from David with suggestions of Axes they have made. One of these caught my fancy, but not bad-ass enough. 

David asked for measurements. I have never measured an axe or did not have a clue of how big it should be. Then I started glueing some pieces of cardboard together because I kind of had a feeling of what it should look like and wanted a real big blade. I ended up with a diameter of 50 cm. Did I mention it was going to be a double-bladed Axe?

Well, a bit back and forth and I ended up with a combination of Red Sonja’s axe and one of the axes David suggested. I did a terrible Photoshop job and gave instructions of how I wanted it to look like. Dark wood handle, the shape of the Axe in David’s suggestion and with the etchings similar to the Red Sonja Axe. The blade though would be much larger than the one from David. 50 cm in diameter. The handle is about 70-75 cm. The axe was ordered and paid for on Friday 28th of January. David promised to send me pictures of the progress, but first a rough sketch.

Update: 2nd of February 2022. Got the sketch from store_vikingz. It’s rough but looks good. The only thing is that the handle seemed a bit short, but it’s hard to tell on a sketch. I told David to see if they think it’s too short and if it is make it longer. Kind of hard for me to decide without having something to hold. I want it to be a two-hand-held axe.


23rd of February. Asked about the axe and was told it was under making process. They promised to send a piture when the head of the axe was ready.

19th of March. I was wondering about the process. It’s been over 6 weeks since the order and it was estimated it should take 5-6 weeks. Got appologies and they had have some problems with the first head they made and would restart the process in the start of March (we are well beyond that). Weight would be about 15-16 Kg.

22nd of March.  Was told they were half way through the making process and hopefully they could deliver mid April.

11th of April. Asked about the progress again. Got some appologies about challenges and size and remaing of the head again. Axe is in the etching process and will be despatched soon.

26th of April. Asked if they could confirm that delivery is in progress. Was told that axe is almost complete. Leather wrapping and wooden box left. They needed one more week or I would get a refund. Hopefully they could deliver before the end of May.

4th of May. Got an unexpeced appology and offer of 25% on my next order. Axe will be shipped withing the next two working days.

11th of May. Asked for an update and suddenly got an email from PayPal with details from DHL. Got a tracking ID and the axe was shipped from Pakistan on May 09. It’s currently in Germany. 


Photo copyright Ståle Gismervik
Photo copyright Ståle Gismervik
Photo copyright Ståle Gismervik
The Red Sonja Axe.
The Axe that looked a bit "Conan".
The two axes to be combined.
The Sketch from David.