In early 1990s – Project Pride decided that there should be Robert E Howard Remembrance Day every year.

Howard Days happens every year on the second full weekend in June (closest to June 11th). Project Pride pulls out all the stops in welcoming folks. Sponsored by Project Pride and the Robert E. Howard Foundation, with help from the members of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHupa), it is a two-day extravaganza of tours, panels, auctions, banquets, speeches, readings, rare collectibles and – most importantly of all – great Howardian fellowship.

The first several years were very low-key, only a few Howard fans and locals attending. But by the late 90s more fans started showing up, and it has steadily grown ever since. The Project Pride volunteers do pretty much all the real work for the weekend. First the REHupans and after 2006, the Foundation, collaborate on planning the program events, and of course publicity. The Foundation arranges and provides funding for the Guest of Honor, and holds its annual awards presentation at Howard Days.

People have been coming from all around the world to Howard Days to celebrate the life and writings of acclaimed author Robert E. Howard. Held at the Robert E. Howard House & Museum, it is a two-day gathering of fans, scholars, writers, artists, historians and enthusiasts, all gathered together in fellowship to celebrate and discuss the life, work and legacy of the incomparable Robert E. Howard.

For fans of Ol’ Two-Gun Bob Howard, it is a unique get-together, unlike any other fan “convention”. In a sense, it’s more like a friendly family reunion of sorts. All the activities at Howard Days, with one exception, take place at no cost. The Museum is open to all, the tours of the house and grounds are free (as is the parking!) and the adjacent Alla Ray Morris Pavilion is available for all to enjoy a respite from the hot Texas sun while enjoying a cool soft drink or water.

The only real fee for the whole weekend is for the Friday night Celebration Banquet, held at the Babtist Church. It has more space than the Cross Plains Community Center where it used to be held. Registration for this is required, as seats are limited at the Banquet, but this money helps to pay for cool drinks, Friday morning doughnuts, coffee and a Hot Dog Lunch. All the panels, seminars and readings over the event are presented at no cost. You won’t find a better deal anywhere!

Kathleen Laundy’s report from Howard Days 2021.

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