Panels from Howard Days 2023

Ben Friberg and The Texas Center, part of Schreiner University have provided Youtube videos from Howard Days. Here are the ones from 2023.

Guest of Honor 2023

This year, in honor of the 100th birthday of Weird Tales Magazine, John Betancourt was the guest of honor. Betancourt was publisher and editor of a later incarnation of Weird Tales and has published many Howard tales in Wildside Press.

REH Foundation Awards 2023

Rusty Burke, Chairman and President of the REH Foundation, presents this year’s awards to the winners. Congratulations to all!

Glenn Lord Symposium 2023

Howard Scholar Jason Ray Carney moderates the Glenn Lord Symposium for 2023. Scholars presenting this year:

1) Dr. Dierk Gunther, Professor of English Literature at Gakushuin Women’s College, Tokyo

Presentation: “Through the Eyes of an Ophirean Woman: Thoughts Concerning the Racism of Robert E. Howard’s The Vale of Lost Women.”

2) Brian Murphy, Howard Scholar

Presentation: “Far Countries of the Mind: The Frontier Fantasy of Robert E. Howard.”

3) Dr. Willard Oliver, Professor of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville

Presentation: “Robert E. Howard and Oil Booms: Crime, Disorder and Reality.”

Fists of the Ice House 2023

Howard scholars, Mark Finn, Jeff Shanks, and Chris Gruber, discuss Robert E. Howard’s Boxing tales. These made up a large portion of his writings yet so many fans know little to nothing about them. Finn, Shanks, and Gruber enlighten us about the background of these yarns and give some colorful readings from select stories. Normally this panel takes place at the site of the former ice house where Howard once boxed with Cross Plains locals. But bad weather forced the panel inside. Enjoy!

What's up with REH?

Paul Herman from the REH Foundation tells us what’s coming down the pipeline this year when it comes to media based on Howard’s characters…PLUS! A huge surprise reveal of an artifact that once belonged to Howard! You don’t want to miss this!

The Three Musketeers of Weird Tales

Howard Scholars Mark Finn, Jeff Shanks, and Bobby Derie talk about the friendship of Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith, and how this friendship influenced their literary work.

REH and Weird Tales

Howard Scholars Bobby Derie, Patrice Louinet, and John Betancourt discuss Robert E. Howard’s publishing history with Weird Tales magazine and the creation of some of his best stories.

100 Years of Weird Tales

Howard Scholars Bobby Derie, John Betancourt, and Dierk Guenther talk about the history of the magazine that never dies: Weird Tales! Betancourt also published the revived Weird Tales magazine for a time, so he gives us insight into the later history of the magazine leading up to what’s going on with it today.

The Art of Weird Tales

Dennis McHaney, Michael Tierney, and J. David Spurlock talk about the century of incredible art that has appeared in Weird Tales magazine, focusing mostly on the early to mid 20th century.

Gary Romeo's visit to Howard Days 2023

Given that I couldn’t attend Howard Days this year, I am referencing the outstanding blog by Gary Romeo. Additionally, Gary has captured and posted a collection of impressive photos on his website, which I would also like to share.

Howard Days - First Day

Photo by Gary Romeo

ncluded photos of Cisco and Howard’s grave site.

Photos of REH's home

Photo by Gary Romeo

included photos from inside Howard’s home.

Howard Days - The Second Day

Photo by Gary Romeo

included Rusty Burke’s Bus Tour handout and photos of the day’s activities.

Howard Days - More from Day 2

Photo by Gary Romeo

included looks at the Cross Plains newspaper building, the Cross Plains Library, more of Friday’s activities, and photos from the GOH speech and the Silent Auction.

Howard Days - The Third Day

Photo by Gary Romeo

included Rusty Burke’s Walking Tour handout and the day’s activities with a side trip to Brownwood and photos of the newly found REH’s writing desk.

Howard Days - Time to come home

Photo by Gary Romeo

Garry summarizes his trip to Cross Plains for Howard Days 2023 and shares more photos.

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