Posted by Al Harron, January 1st. 2012 on the The Blog That Time Forgot.

Paul Herman has announced that Glenn Lord has died.
Glenn Lord, the World’s #1 Howard Fan and Mentor to so many of us, passed away on December 31, 2011.

That’s all the details that are available at this moment (11:30 pm in Northwest Indiana).

When more information comes forth it will certainly be posted everywhere.

Rest in Peace, Glenn, our Great and Gracious Friend.
Glenn Lord was the most important figure in the legacy of Robert E. Howard. He provided the source text for almost every surviving manuscript used today. He amassed the largest collection of Howard documents over his life. He ensured Howard was published in scores upon scores of volumes and collections. He battled to promote Howard as more than just the spinner of ripping yarns, that he was a true genius whose work had Real Literary Merit. We Howard fans owe him everything. The Howard Boom of the ’70s, Howard Days, the unexpurgiated texts, the wide Conan franchise – Glenn Lord had a hand in everything.

No doubt others will provide more detailed and eloquent tributes, but I feel profoundly saddened that I will never meet him. I shall have to suffice by drinking to his shade.