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Glenn Lord

Glenn Lord (November 17, 1931 – December 31, 2011) was an American literary agent, editor, and publisher of the prose and poetry of fellow Texan Robert E. Howard (1906–1936), and the first and most important researcher and scholar of Howard’s life and writings.

Patch – The One Who Walked with Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard was known for his affection for animals. At the time of his passing, 13 stray cats frequented his residence. However, one animal held a special place in his heart: his beloved dog, Patch. Patch served as a source of inspiration and fond memories for many of Robert’s stories later in life, and they were inseparable companions for over a dozen years. In an article by Ståle Gismervik, we learn more about Patch, and his bond with Robert. Read on to discover more about this extraordinary canine companion.

Untitled story (The sun was setting. A last crimson . . .)

“Exile of Atlantis” is an untitled story by Robert E. Howard, featuring Kull, a character who later becomes the King of Valusia. This story delves into Kull’s early life, providing insight into his personality, values, and the world he inhabits. Set against the backdrop of the rugged and wild Atlantis, the narrative explores themes of tradition, freedom, and the clash of civilizations.

Originally an untitled story, starting with (“The sun was setting. A last crimson . . .”). Later titled EXILE OF ATLANTIS by Glenn Lord.

The Hot Arizona Sun

The Hot Arizona Sun. Originally untitled. Set in The Rio Grande. A fragment by Robert E. Howard featuring The Sonora Kid, Steve Allison, and his sister Helen.

Vultures’ Sanctuary

“Vultures’ Sanctuary” by Robert E. Howard is set in the wilds of the Old West, where the lead character, Big Mac, encounters the infamous Checotah Kid. The Kid, an outlaw, seeks Mac’s help for a seemingly lucrative gold mine venture. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that the Kid’s intentions are far from honest, leading to intense confrontations and betrayals. This tale is steeped in the themes of treachery, survival, and the moral complexities of a lawless land.

The Voice of El-lil

THE VOICE OF EL-LIL is an adventure tale. An Englishman and an American venture into Somaliland where they discover a tribe of people who have not advanced/progressed with the rest of the world and have remained as they were about 3,000 years earlier.

First published in Oriental Stories Volume 1 Number 1, October/November 1930.

The Valley of the Worm

The story begins with James Allison, lying on his deathbed, reminiscing about his past lives. He believes he has lived through many incarnations, always as a member of the Aryan or Nordheimer race. Allison recalls a specific life as Niord, a powerful warrior, and his encounter with a horrific, demonic entity known as the Worm.