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The Extermination of Yellow Donory

“The Extermination of Yellow Donory” is a tale of Joey Donory, a man tormented by his own perceived cowardice. Living in a rugged environment, Joey feels overshadowed by larger, more imposing figures, leading to a life riddled with self-loathing and humiliation.
Alternative title: ‘The Killing of Yellow Donory’.

The Dead Remember

“The Dead Remember” tells the tale of Jim Gordon, who is plagued by supernatural guilt and revenge after murdering an African American couple named Joel and Jezebel. In a letter to his friend Bill, Jim explains how he killed the couple in a drunken rage months earlier, after which Jezebel cursed him with her dying words.

Talons in the Dark

“Talons in the Dark” unfolds a mysterious and chilling tale set against the backdrop of the secluded White Lake, where Joel Brill, a man of science, becomes entangled in a horrifying series of events following the brutal murder of his friend, Jim Reynolds. What starts as a perplexing murder investigation soon spirals into a deadly confrontation with a primal terror that transcends the boundaries of the known world.

Alleys of Darkness (synopsis)

Featuring Dennis Dorgan but was originally a Costigan story. Since Howard also had ‘The Shadow of the Vulture’ in the same issue, they used the pseudonym, Patrick Ervin. Alternate title ‘Alleys of Singapore’. First published in Magic Carpet Magazine, January 1934. Howard wrote the story in May, 1933.

Daughters of Feud (draft)

“Daughters of Feud,” set in the mountain school of Whiskey Run, unravels amidst the backdrop of a long-standing feud between the Kirby and Pritchard families. Braxton Brent, a new and unexperienced schoolmaster, witnesses a fierce brawl between Joan Kirby and Ann Pritchard, leading to his intervention. The fight reveals the simmering hatred and complexities of mountain customs to Brent, challenging his ideals and forcing him into a position that tests his authority and adaptability to the harsh realities of Whiskey Run.