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The Hall of the Dead

“The Hall of the Dead” is a fantasy short story by American Robert E. Howard, one of his tales featuring the fictional sword and sorcery hero Conan the Cimmerian. A fragment began in the 1930s but was not finished or published in Howard’s lifetime. L. Sprague de Camp wrote an entire story based on this untitled synopsis.

Untitled story (The Hades Saloon and gambling hall, Buffalotown, . . .)

UNTITLED STORY (The Hades Saloon and gambling hall, Buffalotown, . . .). 350 words, incomplete. 

The story sets a dramatic scene in a classic Western setting, depicting the confrontation between famous outlaws and a local gunman. The introduction of Helen Channon suggests a potential shift in the narrative, possibly exploring her perspective and experiences in the West. However, being unfinished, the story leaves these developments unexplored.

Meet Cap’n Kidd

“Meet Cap’n Kidd” continues the humorous and rugged adventures of Breckinridge Elkins, a character of immense strength and simple-minded integrity. This chapter narrates Elkins’ quest to prove his worth by capturing and taming the most ferocious horse in the West, known as Cap’n Kidd. The story is rich in action, showcasing Elkins’ physical prowess and his straightforward approach to life’s challenges.

Written for the novel “A Gent From Bear Creek”. First published in The Summit Country Journal. Stories, 1968.

The Gondarian Man

“The Gondarian Man” is a gripping short story set in a speculative world where an ancient, preserved being is discovered, challenging the understandings of human history and evolution.

Greg Staples

The professional career of Greg Staples began in 1990 with work for Britain’s premier comic ‘2000AD’, debuting with the famous British character ‘Judge Dredd’. This character has been a recurring theme in Staples’ work ever since. His tenure at ‘2000AD’ opened doors to various projects, including concept design artwork for film, television, and games. Staples became known for his work on the popular card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’. Over the years, he has been a concept artist on several films, including ‘World War Z’, ‘Doomsday’, ‘Hellboy’, and ‘Dredd’.

Wings in the Night

WINGS IN THE NIGHT. First published in Weird Tales in July 1932. Featuring Solomon Kane.

Kane comes across an entire village wiped out, and all of the roofs have been ripped off, as if by something attempting to get inside from above.