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Waterfront Fists

In “Waterfront Fists,” Steve Costigan finds himself in Honolulu, where Bill O’Brien, a fellow crew member of the Sea Girl, announces that Steve has been matched to fight a formidable opponent from the ship Ruffian that very night. First published in Fight Stories September 1930. Featuring Steve Costigan. It was published again in Fight Stories volume 6 number Summer 1940 but then under the name, Mark Adam, and the title STAND UP AND SLUG!

Iron-Clad Fists

Join Steve Costigan and Bill Stark in “Iron-Clad Fists” as they navigate a hilariously misguided attempt to leave their boxing careers behind, only to find themselves in even more absurd adventures. Howard used Patrick Ervin as a pseudonym. Alternative title: “A Knight of the Round Table”.

Fist and Fang

First published in FIGHT STORIES May 1930. Published again in Winter 1938-1939 but under the name of Mark Adam and the title: “Cannibal Fists”.

By the Law of the Shark

“By the Law of the Shark” is a rollicking adventure story set in the South Seas, specifically on the notorious island of Barricuda, a den of iniquity and the backdrop for a tale of fists, honor, and a daring quest for freedom. The protagonist, Steve Costigan, a sailor aboard the merchant ship Sea Girl and a formidable boxer, finds himself stranded in Barricuda after a night of inadvertent revelry.