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Collected letters available on Amazon

The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard volume 1, Ultimate Edition, is now available on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback. For people outside the US, this is especially good news since the total cost is reduced.  The main reason for the delay on both the paperback and Collected Letters volume 2 and 3 have […]

The Hour of the Dragon

The Hour of the Dragon, also known as Conan the Conqueror, is a fantasy novel by American writer Robert E. Howard features his sword and sorcery hero Conan the Cimmerian. It was one of the last Conan stories published before Howard’s suicide, although not the last to be written.

Patrick J. Jones

Patrick J. Jones is a teacher, artist and author of several books on art. He is known for his online and live workshop figure drawing and oil painting methodology and fantasy art paintings. His style is often compared to Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta and his art has appeared on billboards in L.A, London, NYC, and Australia.

Wings in the Night

WINGS IN THE NIGHT. First published in Weird Tales in July 1932. Featuring Solomon Kane.

Kane comes across an entire village wiped out, and all of the roofs have been ripped off, as if by something attempting to get inside from above.

Guillaume Sorel

In February 2022 I contacted Guillaume Sorel and got in contact with his lovely wife Anne. She told me Guillaume was working in his “cavern” on a new comic book project of which they will produce a limited edition during the summer. Below are the fantastic artwork Anne sent me of Guillaume’s work. This project will be great. Artwork featuring Robert E. Howard himself and all of his famous characters. What’s not to love?


Almuric is a science fiction novel by American writer Robert E. Howard. It was originally serialized in three parts in the magazine Weird Tales beginning in May 1939. The novel was first published in book form in 1964 by Ace Books.

Glenn Lord

Glenn Lord (November 17, 1931 – December 31, 2011) was an American literary agent, editor, and publisher of the prose and poetry of fellow Texan Robert E. Howard (1906–1936), and the first and most important researcher and scholar of Howard’s life and writings.