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The Tower of Time

The Tower of Time. A fragment. Lin Carter completed this for Fantastic Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy Stories June 1975.

Alternate title: AKRAM THE MYSTERIOUS.

Drums of Tombalku

“Drums of Tombalku” is an American fantasy short story, one of the original ones written in the 1930s by Robert E. Howard featuring Conan the Cimmerian. Howard left it as an untitled synopsis that was not published in his lifetime. The tale was finalized by L. Sprague de Camp and in this form first published in the collection Conan the Adventurer (1966). It has first been published in its original form in the collection The Pool of the Black One (Donald M. Grant, 1986) and later in The Conan Chronicles Volume 1: The People of the Black Circle (Gollancz, 2000) and Conan of Cimmeria: Volume Two (1934) (Del Rey, 2005).

Fragment and a synopsis. The fragment in The Pool of the Black One was bowdlerized when it appeared.

Akram the Mysterious

“Akram the Mysterious” is an unfinished story by Robert E. Howard, which tells the tale of Hengibar, a physically formidable and fiercely independent character from an ancient and primitive time. The story is narrated by James Allison, who possesses the unique ability to remember his past lives, including that of Hengibar.

The Flame-Knife

Originally an El Borak story titled “Three Bladed Doom” had a short (24.000 words) and a long (42.000 words) version.

The Flame Knife is a 1955 fantasy novella by American writers Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp, featuring Howard’s sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. It was revised by de Camp from Howard’s original story, a then-unpublished oriental tale featuring Francis X. Gordon titled “Three-Bladed Doom”. De Camp changed the names of the characters, added the fantastic element, and recast the setting into Howard’s Hyborian Age. The story was first published in the hardbound collection Tales of Conan (Gnome Press, 1955), and subsequently appeared in the paperback collection Conan the Wanderer (Lancer Books, 1968), as part of which it has been translated into German, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. It was published itself in paperback book form by Ace Books in 1981, in an edition profusely illustrated by Esteban Maroto.

Worms of the Earth

WORMS OF THE EARTH. It was originally published in the magazine Weird Tales in November 1932. The story features one of Howard’s recurring protagonists, Bran Mak Morn, a legendary king of the Picts. 

A Witch Shall Be Born

A WITCH SHALL BE BORN is one of the original sword and sorcery novellas by Robert E. Howard about Conan the Cimmerian. It was written in only a few days in the spring of 1934 and first published in Weird Tales in December 1934. 

Queen Taramis of Khauran awakens one day to find her identical twin sister, Salome, staring her in the face. As an infant, Salome was deemed a witch due to a crescent-shaped birthmark on her chest. This birthmark was believed to be a sign of evil, so she was left in the desert to die. However, a magician from Khitai (China) found Salome, brought her up, and instructed her in the art of sorcery.

Wings in the Night

WINGS IN THE NIGHT. First published in Weird Tales in July 1932. Featuring Solomon Kane.

Kane comes across an entire village wiped out, and all of the roofs have been ripped off, as if by something attempting to get inside from above.

The Way of the Swords

THE WAY OF THE SWORDS is the name from an early draft Glenn Lord published in the Donald Grant book ‘Road of Azrael’. The original title is THE ROAD OF THE EAGLES for which two drafts presently exist. It’s an unpublished historical adventure store that de Camp turned into a Conan story.

The Valley of the Worm

The story begins with James Allison, lying on his deathbed, reminiscing about his past lives. He believes he has lived through many incarnations, always as a member of the Aryan or Nordheimer race. Allison recalls a specific life as Niord, a powerful warrior, and his encounter with a horrific, demonic entity known as the Worm.