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The Challenge from Beyond

The challenge from beyond is a round-robin (collaboration) 1935 horror short story written by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Frank Belknap Long, Robert E. Howard, C. L. Moore, and Abraham Merritt. It was published in Fantasy Magazine and is part of the Cthulhu Mythos. Howard wrote one chapter of this story. It was published in September 1935 in Fantasy Magazine, a fan publication.

Shadows in Zamboula

“Shadows in Zamboula” is one of the original stories by Robert E. Howard about Conan the Cimmerian, first published in Weird Tales in November 1935. Its original title was “The Man-Eaters of Zamboula”.

Post Oaks and Sand Roughs

Post Oaks & Sand Roughs is a semi-autobiographical adventure novel by Robert E. Howard. It was completed and submitted to an unnamed publisher circa October/November 1928. It didn’t get published.

Moon of Zambebwei

In “Moon of Zambebwei,” Robert E. Howard unfolds a chilling narrative set in the eerie backwoods, where Bristol McGrath confronts a nightmarish world of cults and ancient horrors. Published for the first time in Weird Tales, February 1935.

Iron Men

REH completed the first version of “Iron Men” (draft a) in March or April 1929. That version was sent to FIGHT STORIES and apparently considered too long. Two successive drafts (drafts b & c) condensed the story. Draft c was eventually submitted to FIGHT STORIES, but the published version was heavily edited. . Alternate titles: “Fall Guy” and “The Iron Man”.

Eighttoes Makes a Play

Eighttoes makes a play, short story by Robert E. Howard and Tevis Clyde Smith. Written with two different endings. This is a dog-team racing story set during the Alaskan gold rush.

Diogenes of Today

The collaboration between Tevis Clyde Smith and Robert E. Howard on “Diogenes of Today” presents a fascinating study in creative partnership. Both authors, hailing from Texas, shared not only a deep friendship but also a mutual interest in literature, history, and storytelling that transcended the typical boundaries of their time. Their decision to write a story together, alternating pages, allowed for a unique blend of their distinct voices and perspectives.

Beyond the Black River – 7

“Beyond the Black River” is one of the original short stories about Conan the Cimmerian. First published in Weird Tales magazine, May-June 1935. The story was republished in the collections King Conan (Gnome Press, 1953) and Conan the Warrior (Lancer Books, 1967). It has since been published a numerous times in many languages. It’s set in the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age and concerns Conan’s battle against a savage tribe of Picts in the unsettled lands beyond the infamous Black River.