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Robert E. Howard’s Blood and Thunder

“Robert E. Howard’s Blood and Thunder” presents a graphic adaptation of Howard’s story LAW-SHOOTERS OF COWTOWN, showcasing the combined talents of Dave A. Law in writing and Rick McCollum in illustration. This comic book not only adapts a Howard story but also includes additional artistic content and an article, all by McCollum, providing a multifaceted exploration of Howard’s work and influence.

Blood & Thunder: The Life & Art of Robert E. Howard

Mark Finn has written one of the very best biographies about Robert E. Howard. Mark Finn sets the record straight on Howard’s character. First published in a trade paperback edition in November 2006 by MonkeyBrain Books. A second, expanded and corrected edition was published in hardcover by The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press in January 2012; a trade paperback followed from the same publisher in 2013.