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Robert E. Howard: The Power of the Writing Mind

Oversized trade paperback. Introduction by Ben Szumskyj. ‘An Introduction to the Life and Works of Robert E. Howard’ and an interview with Glenn Lord by Joe Marek. An untitled dark fantasy/Cthulhu Mythos style story featuring John O’Dare by Robert E. Howard; ‘A Short History of the Conan Typescripts’ by Patrice Louniet and much more.

“So Far the Poet” and Other Writings

This collection was envisioned as a catch-all: Tevis Clyde Smith for the Robert E. Howard fan and scholar. It contains all of the known pieces that Smith wrote about Howard, contributed to Howard fan publications, or co-authored with Howard. It also contains many of the pieces Smith wrote while Howard was still alive: items from The Tattler, The Junto, and other publications, as well as the few, never-before published letters from Smith to Howard.