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Untitled synopsis (The Shadow in the Well)

Untitled synopsis. “The Shadow in the Well” provides a glimpse into Robert E. Howard’s creative process through the synopsis of a draft for a pirate tale set in 1711 on an island along the Spanish Main. This outline sketches a narrative full of dark magic, hidden treasure, and pirate intrigue, emphasizing the supernatural elements Howard often explored.

The Voice of El-lil

THE VOICE OF EL-LIL is an adventure tale. An Englishman and an American venture into Somaliland where they discover a tribe of people who have not advanced/progressed with the rest of the world and have remained as they were about 3,000 years earlier.

First published in Oriental Stories Volume 1 Number 1, October/November 1930.

The Treasures of Tartary


Kirby O’Donnell is an American treasure hunter, created by Howard, in early-twentieth-century Afghanistan disguised as a Kurdish merchant, “Ali el Ghazi”. Howard only wrote three stories about O’Donnell, one of which was not published within his lifetime.

The Tower of the Elephant

THE TOWER OF THE ELEPHANT is one of the original short stories starring the fictional sword and sorcery hero Conan the Cimmerian, written by American author Robert E. Howard. Set in the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age, it concerns Conan infiltrating a perilous tower to steal a fabled gem from an evil sorcerer named Yara. Its unique insights into the Hyborian world and atypical science fiction elements have led the story to be considered a classic of Conan lore and is often cited by Howard scholars as one of his best tales.

Swords of the Red Brotherhood

Swords of the Red Brotherhood. Featuring Terence “Black” Vulmea. “The Black Stranger” is a fantasy short story by American writer Robert E. Howard, one of his works featuring the sword & sorcery hero Conan the Cimmerian. It was written in the 1930s, but not published in his lifetime. When the original Conan version of his story failed to find a publisher, Howard rewrote “The Black Stranger” into a piratical Terence Vulmea story entitled “Swords of the Red Brotherhood”. This story was also not accepted.

The Shadow in the Well

“The Shadow in the Well” is an unfinished draft by Robert E. Howard, portraying the high-seas adventures and treacheries of a pirate crew led by the formidable John Groshawk. Set on an eerie, secluded island, this draft captures the essence of pirate folklore mixed with elements of dark magic and mystery.